Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Jemima J by Jane Green

I just uncovered that I had actually had a draft of what I wrote on 29th October 2011 on the book review of Jemima J. I thought I should post it as is. Here it goes -

I went to Big Bad Wolf Sale couple of weeks back. This is one sale that bookworms should not miss. In fact this is a sale that any measerly kiasu person should not miss. The books and whatever else sold there were dirt cheap. And the choices are amazing and abundant. {I like the sound of it amazing and abundant – feeling big like The Secret}. Anyway Sophie Kissella books are only at RM 8 each. Is that ever possible? Even the pirated books in India are not that cheap. Well not that I buy pirated books {but they always find me}. Yup, I am digressing!

Back to the topic. I bought 2 books that caught my interest. Actually I bought many books worth of more than RM 400. Go figure how many books are there. {Some of it is for my son though. He had been finishing them up faster than me – well he is not slogging off in the office like me ain’t he?}. Anyway I got the books safely hidden from my mom. It drives her mad. Sheeshhh!!  I digress again.

2 of the books that I bought actually about overweight heroins. Yeah yeah just like me. I am hating it. Overweight and obese stuff makes me squirm with digust. Just that you can’t really see me squirming because you know I am borderline obese. I just think that when one is fat the possibility of reflecting the emotional feeling on the face is difficult. You know emotions trying to ooze out from fat. Darn!!! I am digressing again. Digressing must be a disease – Digressology or something like that.

Back to the first book that I read - Jemima J by Jane Green. The main character of course Jemima J works as a small time behind the scene columnist in a small time newspaper company. Her good friends are the gorgegous goddess Geraldine and the man she is quietly loving Brad. Nothing really bad in her life except that she is fat (of course) and some dumb blondes she is sharing her flat with. The author tried to paint them as nasty but it didn’t turn as she wished. I just find them shallow and self absorb.

Back to Jemima - I can sort of relate with Jemima’s gluttony but I can’t relate with her reasoning. Anyway one day she just snapped and decided to lose weight. Yup just like that. I guess it work that way for some. She signed up at a gym and started working out. Her gorgeous goddess friend was supportive through out even though the author tried to down play that. May be to get the readers to feel sorry for Jemima J. But as for me I have nothing but admiration for Geraldine. Back to Jemima – she started losing weight healthily. 

Anyway one day (like in any other novels), Brad moved to a new job as a TV reporter and started prospering  as his new boss the lady cougar well you know – 'protects' hims. 

The heart broken Jemima meets a guy online. Despite now the new Jemima is all slim and gorgeous; she begins to face her old 'fat' demon and start to starve herself to become the waif like model she believes her online Romeo wants her to be. The irony is....YOU GOT TO READ THE STORY!!!

Hahaha. No offense I LIKE to do that. Anyway I am not interested in the 2nd half of the novel. Its the 1st half that got me going.

Pretty Woman by Fern Michaels

I bought more than 20 novels and books during the Big Bad Book Sale in 2011. And a very few of it had left a distinctive mark in my life. Such as Pretty Woman by Fern Michaels and Jemima J by Jane Green. Under normal circumstances may be I would not had considered to read these novels at all. But than I guess it was not normal circumstances as I had not only bought it; it also moved me to make changes that I did not do for the last 8 over years. I think this is what some say being at the right place at the right time for the right reasons. 

The story is about Rosie Gardener, a smart, honest and hardworking business woman. Unfortunately she don't really value herself to the level that she's worthy of. Thanks to her plus size (and of course not surprising how the world around makes plus size people feel). 

Anyway back to the novel. When a good looking man sweeps her off her feet - she was ever willing to believe he is her knight in shining armor and that it was all and nothing but true love. (wait don't roll your eyes yet). That he loves her for who she is - not for her looks or money or etc etc etc (now roll your eyes). 

So much so that she was willing to part with her best friend to avoid seeing the reality of her fragile crystal life. (I know I am being dramatic here...there's more drama in the book - read it to find out). 

When the reality hits, she had to swallow her pride and except the only reason Kent aka her Greek God; married her was because she's undemanding and is for the lifestyle she can provide for him while he fancies himself with ladies of his liking (needless to say other than his wife). 

She kicked him out ..(and drama)...took charge of her life...(more drama) and to charge of her weight (oh I so love this part). Mind you she did that for herself  and not get Kent back. Oh I forgot to mention she won a few hundred million dollar worth of lottery in between it all.....sheesh go and read the book. I can't reveal it all here, can I?

Or message me I will give it away for free. Offer valid a month from this post.  Ehmm for those within Klang Valley only. Yess!!!

Its really a light reading material. The kind that you read on a lazy evening while enjoying 'pisang goreng' and tea. But for me its sort of an awakening from a deep sleep of 8 years what more I can ask from a RM 8 book!!

Big Bad Wolf Sale 2011

Aha...that was like 2 years ago but THE SALE really changed my life literally. Besides blowing a couple of hundreds on relatively unknown novels by relatively unknown authors, and missing a year plus of blogging and sending photography to pit stop......I lost a glorious 20 over kilos. 

I mean in weight that is. Yay!!!! So its only right I give the credit where its due. First to the books. Then to the rest. 

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

There's never permanent relationships just as there are no permanent GOODBYES!!!

So here I am!!!

My last post in this blog was in July 2011. While the last post in my other blog was in August 2011. Well as crazy as it may seem I was hibernating in time capsule the whole time (I forgot to set timer). Strange things always happen when one don't do what one ought to do when it ought to be done. (I tried to put my own twist in it.) Actually my dad says it better, "What what you must do at that that time ; that that you must do at that that time."

Anyway here I am back all fit and healthy. And this is not a New Year Resolution. Why one need a New Year Resolution when you can make new day resolution every day. Seriously!!!

I am not apologizing for not posting. After all it my personal rambling. However I should say to my "Russian readers" for your sake I will post up what happen the last one year and a half. The statistics did show that my blog is viewed mostly in Russia. And I wonder why?


Saturday, July 16, 2011

Sports but Not Sportmanship

Some sports just don't cut out to be called sports merely because its lack of sportsmanship. Football for instance. It should never be called a sport when none of the 'sporty' emotions and feelings are displayed either by players and fans. Its just a game. Played by male version of dumb blonds and enjoyed by those whom in favor of dumb blonds. Examples are too many to site here and the latest check out at this link

My son Ethan talks about the reds and crap which I hope he will eventually phase out. But boys being boys its highly unlikely. We had seen more than often not the affiliation with blonds generally grows with age and not the other way. I keep my fingers cross. Its CROSSED!!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Ministry comes down hard on errant private colleges...YEAH SURE RIGHT!!!

What is the secrecy for? The names and photos of petty thieves and petty offenders are often published. But here we have serious white collar criminals charged in court but we don't get to know the name of these so call academic institutions.

Check out the article at The Star Online (http://thestar.com.my)
URL: http://thestar.com.my/news/story.asp?file=/2011/7/16/nation/9114534&sec=nation

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Romeo and Juliet - How Romantic

Orchid Abdullah is the woman behind beautiful voice of Penawar Rindu. I grew up listening to Penawar Rindu sang by Rafeah Buang. She was one of dad's favorite. Those were the gramophone days.

Time passes by and I sort of got caught up more with Lady Gaga and Katy Perry. Anyway when I read in news that Orchid Abdullah passed away the old memories flooded in and I looked up for her original Penawar Rindu. Can't seem to stop listening to it. Check out the news of Orchid's passing away here.

She passed away on May 13th. And today her husband passed away. Check out the news here. God bless them and may their souls rest in peace. I just found it ironically romantic no matter how painful it is for the family. They had lived long together than living as a single. And death only managed to keep them apart for 4 days. I am glad love beat death to its own game!!

Say It Like You Mean It

Perkasa had been speaking, squeaking and oinking in desperation to get some attention. Just like a child - any attention is good even if its a negative one. Perkasa's oinking seemed like roaring thanks to our local media; lacking of solid journalists and with solid articles, they heavily rely on directionless organization such as Perkasa. A win-win game for a two minute fame.

Then I read Chua's statement. Check it out here. It seemed like he going to jump into fire.Whoa...my hormones were raging. By the time I finished reading it I realized he was just dancing around fire. That too from a safe distance. I am really disappointed. After all the challenges he went through, I thought he would had come out hardened. But seems otherwise.

When we will have real politicians within Barisan components other than UMNO whom will say that they meant to say.

Chocolate Chip Muffins

After hours of searching of a simple chocolate chip muffin, I finally landed with a recipe at Titli's Busy Kitchen. A simple video with simple instructions and simple ingredients. Phew!! Just in case I linked the video here.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

What's Going On??

I can't believe what I read in TheStar today. Check it out here and here. Wow 14 days suspension and apologies that's it. Isn't this easily could be a criminal offense. And the poor girl's mom is so magnanimous it letting bygones be bygones for the hurt her child suffer.

It would had given me a peace of mind if a reason is stated for her action or rather lack of it. I want to believe there is bigger reason for letting it off so easily. I mean mothers feel hurt more than the child, seeing their babies treated bad. Damn it...I would want to see them pay the price including the bastards jeering at the back. And the teachers......where were they when all these happened....in canteen??!! You judge it for yourself.